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The Power of 1000 True Fans | How to Make a Full-Time Living as an Artist or Creator

Updated: Jan 24

The article is below, If you want the video version here ya go:

As an artist or creator, it can be easy to get caught up in the pursuit of fame, followers, likes, and the potential for mass appeal. Not to mention, all you hear from your mentors is to 'grow your social followings...

But what if there was a more sustainable and achievable way to make a living from your art or creations? Enter the principle of 1000 true fans.

First introduced by Kevin Kelly in a 2008 blog post, the principle of 1000 true fans states that an artist or creator only needs 1000 true fans to make a living. These true fans are defined as "people who will purchase anything and everything you produce". They will buy your music, artwork, books, courses, and more, and they will also spread the word about your work to others.

The beauty of this principle is that it's attainable for most artists and creators. Unlike the elusive goal of fame and mass appeal, 1000 true fans is a realistic and achievable number. And once you have 1000 true fans, they can provide a stable and sustainable income for your art or creations.

But how do you go about building a community of 1000 true fans? The key is to focus on building a relationship with your audience and providing value to them on a platform that you own.

Platforms you own include email lists and membership platforms such as Grouped. For more on ownership, click here.

By building a following on a platform that you own, you have complete control over communication with your audience and you are away from the noise of social media. This can provide a more stable and controllable platform for sharing your work and connecting with your audience, especially if anything goes wrong with social media platforms.

Plus, what does it tell you if someone is willing to leave a platform they are highly addicted to, to join your email list or membership group, where the conversation is solely around you? It tells you that they LOVE you and this is how you know they will become buyers.

This is the whole point of your true fans. They love you enough to leave the masses and join a community all about you because they want more of you. It's important to remember that true fans are not just about numbers, they are about quality. These are the people who truly understand and appreciate your work, and they will be the ones who will support you through the ups and downs of your creative journey.

With that said, as an artist or creator finding your 1000 true fans can change your life. It can be the difference between you going full time on your passion vs working 2 jobs. The difference between you having money to reinvest into your business and grow vs staying stagnant. Some of the best artists and creators understand this and spend 90+% of their time focusing on their true fans, and the other 10% on the masses.

Focus on your true fans, and grow your base of true fans, and you (and your bank account) will reap insane rewards. For more on this topic be sure to check out the video above and subscribe for more.

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