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How Grouped Will Benefit Businesses

If you are a business owner, then you know how important it is for your customers to hear your message. Isn’t it frustrating when you visualize how great your service is for people, and how obvious of a solution your service/product is for your target customer, but you can’t figure out how to get that message across on social media?

Or, you spend time creating great content to convey a message, but no one even sees it…

OR they do see it, but they don’t… Do you really think people are on traditional social media to see what your company has to say? No. They want to see their friends or their favorite celebrity. They look for drama and feed off the addicting content big tech shows them, which is designed to keep them hooked.

Another frustration is having a great customer list, but having no idea how to talk to them. You love email, but email is email. It is direct and has its place, but it is not navigable or interactive.

Many companies use Facebook Groups to speak to current customers, which is not optimal for this. Again, your content is lost and it is very hard to see engagement, and no one wants their data sold. Every single business owner we’ve spoken to with a Facebook Group struggles to get engagement and the ROI is non-existent. Plus, Facebook is not attracting Millennials and Gen-Z.

If you emailed a list of 1,000 people the same content you shared with a Facebook Group of 1,000 people, you’d see significantly better results, right? Email has been the strongest form of marketing for brands for years, even through the social boom. Having the full and undivided attention of your customer is priceless. You own the customer - meaning unless they unsubscribe, you have their information and can always talk to them, your way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a social platform that acts like a CRM (customer relationship management) tool? Giving you the same power as email combined with the same functionality as social media… insert Grouped.

There is a huge need for a platform that allows businesses to create their OWN private network, where they are in complete control, and can directly communicate with their customers without distractions. No need to worry about algorithms, your content being lost, and all the other fluff big tech social brings.

It is kind of like your own app, giving you complete control over the experience your customers have. When you use big tech, the platform has all the control, which is why you can have 5,000 followers and get no engagement. (No, your content doesn’t necessarily suck - the problem is that no one is seeing it…)

Instagram and Facebook will never show your businesses content over a funny video, supermodel, or political post, because people don’t engage with it. It is almost impossible to compete with the algorithms.

Imagine a social platform that acted like a CRM, and gave you full control. An all-in-one platform where you can manage your relationships with customers and prospective customers, but in a simple, quicker way. A platform where you can group your community and give them a place where they can easily access everything they need. That’s where Grouped takes the power of a social app, or even a website. It is browsable for the customer, and a place where the leader can organize information, with a feed that broadcasts your voice in a direct manner like email.

Grouped is like combining your MailChimp account with Instagram. Instead of sending your customers emails, you're managing your relationship with them in a social setting.

For brands, it will feel like a digital bulletin board. You can always share updates, promotions, events, and company news and know your customers will see it, and be able to engage with it. For the consumer, it’s great too! All the valuable information they need is consolidated into one ‘group’, and it will always be at the convenience of their fingertips.

Grouped is a social CRM, that gives people the social feel they want, and the brands the ownership they want.

Now-a-days, many individual public figures are also businesses, and building a tribe is critical to their success. They launch podcasts, blogs, affiliate links, etc… Traditional social media doesn’t give them a spot where they can group all of this content in one place, easily accessible for their customers.

The long term vision for Grouped is to be a platform where group leaders can put all their content in one easy to access place. Podcasts, blogs, magazines, updates, community forums, promotions, etc…

A platform that results in stronger customer relationships, resulting in more sales. Everyone has something to sell…

If you're currently a business owner frustrated with your engagement and ability to communicate with your customers on Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or other socials, or have thought about creating your own app then Grouped is the solution for you. If you're a business owner looking for ways to optimize your customer relationships and give the customer an easier alternative to stay in the loop, Grouped is for you.

If you're interested in using Grouped for your business, reach out to us today at We’ll let you use it for free (forever) if you join us at our 1.0 launch in April.

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