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Give your fans what they want, and get paid for it.

Grouped is for artists to effortlessly build & nurture a community they can reach 100% of their fans with, and choose to monetize however they want.

Build a community

Build a single community with BOTH free and paid members

Choose to sell AMA’s, exclusive music drops, VIP packages, and more....


Connect with fans

Artists can reach 100% of their community through email/text/push notifications. Forget your content getting lost in algorithms, on Grouped, your fans will see your content.

Monetize independently

Imagine paying yourself whenever you want, earning it however you want? On Grouped, you can build an independent income stream by monetizing your passion and giving your fans more of what they want.

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Boost presaves

Traditional pre-save platforms are suboptimal because they require too much work from your fans and they don’t give you ownership of your data.

As a domino effect of growing your community on Grouped, you’ll generate more pre-saves and keep the hype alive in your community so you don’t have up and downs per release, instead you are always growing your pre-saves and boosting your traction, as it should be.

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The solution to all of your problems...

Only 1 out of every 19 followers on your social media see your posts... (thanks, algorithms).

On Grouped, We allow artists to reach 100% of their community through email/text/push notifications.

Text marketing costs money, doesn't build a community feeling, and just redirects fans to different platforms

On Grouped, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for sms marketing, and you can send your SMS ‘community’ to an actual community.

Paid member communities fail to engage free members, require a rigid structure, and don't utilize daily content

On Grouped, You can create a community with free and paid members, and we Allow artists to use the platform in a less rigid and more creative / easy- to-use manner

Features to help you thrive 🙌


Free or paid membership tiers


Sell (any) digital



Send email and SMS notifications


Chat with your



Instant payouts to your bank account


Post updates on your home feed


Create locked posts and media


Upload BTS audio, video, and pdf files

Ready to get started?

We are still in beta mode, which means you need to chat with us directly to get access. Don’t worry, we only need a 15-minute meeting to make sure we are the right fit.

To request access and set up a quick meeting, please fill out this 4-question Typeform. (Only takes 30 seconds!)

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