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Build Powerful Communities

Grouped allows leaders to turn their followers into an engaging community, on their own terms. 

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Our Story

The concept for Grouped was born out of the personal experiences of Grouped Co-founders, Claire Nolan and Finn Hodgins.

Claire built a large following on social media, where she learned that only a small percent of her audience actually saw the content she created. Although her followers and view count were high, she was frustrated. She felt that if people chose to follow her, they should be seeing her content because they signed up for it.

Claire told her Co-founder, Finn Hodgins, who worked in digital marketing and had seen first hand how algorithm changes, censorship and limited reach was affecting small businesses.

Out of frustration and a lot of passion to make changed, Grouped was born.

To read our full story on our experiences that lead us to creating Grouped, check out our blog.

Our Mission

Grouped will strive to put the control back into creator’s hands. We are an honest, neutral platform that our customers can trust. We will never sell your data, choose what our consumers see, or put the interests of advertisers over our content creators and consumers.

Grouped will empower leaders and give them a platform where they can truly own their communities. A leader’s most valuable asset is their audience, and we believe that it is unfair for these leaders to spend time, energy and money to grow their audience on platforms that they have no control over. On Grouped your audience truly is yours.

We are a platform with your best interests in mind. We will never do anything to benefit us that could potentially harm the mental health of our consumers, or put our profit above your experience.

Empowering leaders to take control of their communities.
We do not sell data. We will never put profit above your experience. 
Giving people easy, direct access to information they want.

Join the team

We are looking for people as passionate as we are to help us spread the word and recruit leaders on to Grouped. If you want to get involved, or share your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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