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Your community awaits. 

A private social networking platform designed for leaders to create communities and foster real connection. 
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Disrupting social networking. 

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Grouped allows leaders to own their communities in entirety. 
No strategic algorithm. 
No interference from the platform. 
Just your voice. 
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Grouped is removing all social stigmas from networking.
No followers.
No friend requests. 
Just real connection. 


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Claire Nolan 

"I am passionate about building community, solving problems, and creating products designed for people."
About: Successful social media influencer whose personal experience with limits of existing platforms led to targeting a major gap in the existing market. 

Skills include: App design, user psychology, and predicting tech trends. 

Finn Hodgins

"What excites me most is building a strong team who values the journey as much as the end result."
About: Driven brand-builder with past experience of wearing multiple hats while building a startup from the ground up. 

Skills include: Leading a team, marketing, and project execution. 

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Launching in 2022. 

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