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Build a community,
monetize your passion.

Grouped is for artists to effortlessly build & nurture a community that they can reach 100% of their fans with, and monetize however they want.

No upfront costs. No CC required.

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Effortlessly Streamline Your Business with
One Link

Imagine a world where you had your most loyal, die-hard fans '"grouped" together in one awesome spot, that boosted your pre-saves and gave you a powerful independent income stream, without requiring crazy effort on your end... 

...So that you can focus on what you do best, creating music for your fans.

Meet Grouped.

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The Basics 👇

Monetize Independently

Generate unlimited, independent income by selling memberships and any digital product you can think of.

Build Community

On Grouped, you can build a community with BOTH free and paid members with YOUR own branding...
Meaning, you won't have to ask them to join a 'patreon'

Boost Pre-Saves

On Grouped, you'll be able to boost pre-saves in an evergreen manner by notifying your community and keeping your entire community hyped.

Reach Your Fans

On Grouped, you'll reach 100% of your fans for no extra cost. Forget spending money to store email and SMS contacts and sending notifications that don't truly build a community.

Built For Artists

Other platforms are overbuilt and designed for cohort-style coaches, or influencers, not artists. We have one mission and one mission only, to serve artists


One link to increase your pre-saves, build a dope community, and make more money. You in yet?
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Your Questions, Answered...

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"Launching membership spaces off of social media to gain independence is the future of the entire creator economy. The artists who jump on this early will see massive success.

We built Grouped so artists can see huge success from their independent efforts."

- Finn Hodgins

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?  

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